Endzone - A World Apart: Survivor Edition (PS5)

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A whole new world - Let's just hope we do better this time!

Civilization as we knew it is over. After targeted terrorist attacks in 2021, which focused on nuclear power plants distributed around the world, the world finds itself on the brink. Only a few people managed to escape nuclear extinction by retreating to bunkers and underground facilities - the Endzones. After 150 years, the gates opened and a new world lies at the feet of the survivors. Help them tame this inhospitable environment and establish a new civilization. But be aware, as long as you don't take care of all the dangers and economic bottlenecks, this task is doomed to failure.


  • Endzone - A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic construction game that will transport you to a gloomy and pressuring future scenario. With the help of more than 50 buildings, create a shelter for the rest of humanity and take care of basic needs such as water and food, but also security and a home.
  • A realistic and harrowing depiction of the different soil cells simulate dynamic humidity and radiation. Take care of irrigation and dam up nuclear radiation as best you can.
  • No matter how well-planned you are, you must always have an ace up your sleeve. Environmental disasters such as droughts or sandstorms are ever-present, as are raids by enemy raider tribes, and can destroy your long-calculated goals in one fell swoop.
  • Survival of the fittest! Adapt to the new dangers of a nuclear post-apocalypse and create radiation protective clothing and gas masks, purify water with activated carbon and dig up the entire earth if necessary.
  • Get "new" technologies by exploring the ruins of the former civilization by using specially created expedition teams. However, don't be greedy and weigh decisions at all times, because population losses can change your future plans from one moment to the next.
  • Take care of the growth of your colony, but also keep in mind the higher upkeep. Many children consume a lot of food, but without children, as we know, there is no future...

Survivor Edition includes:

  • Endzone - A World Apart
  • Prosperity DLC


 Let your new civilization thrive and prosper.

  • With the content-rich Prosperity DLC, you'll have the opportunity to turn your refuge into a booming settlement. With many new buildings, technologies and game mechanics, you'll manage to make the improvised housing and production buildings resistant and shine in new splendor.
  • New resources like sand, coffee and soap enable the production of luxury goods - who still thinks about the end of mankind?
  • Three completely new scenarios require the best planning skills and let you build a perfect future amidst the ruins of the past.



  • Title: Endzone - A World Apart: Survivor Edition 
  • Genre: Construction / Strategy
  • Age restriction (PEGI): From 12 years
  • Platform: Sony Playstation 5
  • Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
  • Studio: Gentlymad Studios