Judgment - PS4

Judgment - PS4

Then an ambitious lawyer within Yakuza circles, Takayuki Yagami is now a private detective in search of the justice he could never demand as a lawyer. Find the serial killer who cost you your career and catch him with the help of influential friends.

- Hard-hitting action adventure in the style of the Yakuza series: As a stand-alone spin-off, you don't need any previous knowledge of the extremely complex Yakuza storyline. Discover Kamorucho, the entertainment district of Tokyo, from the perspective of a purified ex-lawyer.

- Detective work meets street fighting: pursue your targets, interrogate them, expose lies and beat up your enemies with everything at hand. Two different fighting techniques and lots of technical gadgets are at your side in your daily challenges.

- Thanks to the numerous mini-games, you will never get bored: Meet up with friends and loved ones, go to the Arcade VR Hall, play Mahjong or hit some baseball balls - there's a lot more to experience in Kamorucho.

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