Persona 5 - PS4

Persona 5 - PS4

Go to class and experience a wicked story about inner demons. You play Joker and have to face the challenges of adolescence on the one hand and the evil of this world on the other. Discover a totally creative and beautiful anime world with the groundbreaking J-RPG Persona 5.

- Plan your semester: go to school in the morning, meet up with friends and then get a part-time job, because after all, you have to pay for your own dinner. If you have some time left, visit one of the numerous parallel worlds and free the bad guys from their dark secrets.

- An extensive persona system lets you put together your own team: Not only the different team members but also the respective personas can be upgraded. Catch and tame new personas, connect them and create even stronger entities. It's worth trying out!

- Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with vivid anime graphics. Listen to the wonderfully crazy soundtrack and lose yourself in an epic story that doesn't shy away from psychology and serious content.

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