Blaze Evercade Piko Cartridge 1

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Expected arrival: 3 August 2022


  • 8-Eyes
  • Brave Battle Saga
  • Canon - Legends of the New Gods
  • Dorke and Ymp
  • Dragon View
  • Drakkhen
  • Iron Commando
  • Jim Power - The Lost Dimension
  • Magic Girl
  • NightShade
  • Power Piggs of the Dark Ages
  • Power Punch II
  • Radical Rex
  • Switchblade
  • The Humans
  • The Immortal
  • Tinhead
  • Top Racer
  • Water Margin
  • Way of the exploding fist


Then as now - Magnificent games from Piko Interactive!

Take a trip down memory lane with Piko Interactive. With an excellent selection of the best arcade classics from the popular studio, you get 20 new retro gems for your Evercade console. Included are fan favorites like Iron Commando, Jim Power or The Immortal. Of course, you'll receive the complete collection as a stylish cartridge in retro design.



  • Age rating (USK): From 6 years.
  • Languages: German (packaging/manual), English (software)
  • Platform: Blaze Evercade


Note: Console not included