Warzone Wallscroll "Verdansk Map"

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Know Verdansk like the back of your hand!

In the thrilling Warzone mode of Call of Duty, there's a lot to master before you can score your first victories. The Battle Royale mode is gripping but challenging if you don't know your way around Verdansk.
With this stylish wallscroll, you can now get a peek at the battlefield away from the intense battles, as the complete territory is now ubiquitous, even when you're not in ambush.
Not only useful but also extremely stylish for your home decoration. 

  • Size: 77 x 100 cm
  • Print: Map of Verdansk in full color
  • Material: High-quality fabric
  • Item number: 1062050
  • Year: 2021
  • Officially licensed by Activision
  • Produced by Gaya Entertainment