Wallscroll "The Ancient Gods"

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The battle of the gods is near!

You have experienced the brute history of the DOOM Slayer and the fate of various worlds? You have fought zombies, cyborgs, demons, or Makyr and you think the menace is finally destroyed?
You are wrong! You have no idea of what battle is coming your way. In the final chapter of the DOOM saga, which began in 2016, it's all about the big picture. For the first time, the stoic DOOM Slayer accepts help and faces the demonic adversaries with an entire army.

Can't get enough of the good versus evil battle? Then get this awesome wallscroll and make your living room, gameroom or office look just like the DOOM Slayer would.

Wallscrolls are the better posters: intricately printed polyester canvas between two aluminum rods ensures long-lasting enjoyment without the risk of wrinkles or creases.

● Material: High quality fabric

● Size: approx. 77 cm x 100 cm

● Produced by Gaya Entertainment