Hunt: Showdown - PS4

Hunt: Showdown - PS4

Enter the dark and sinister bayous of the South of America, where undead and other monstrosities are lurking in the desolated landscape. You are a 19th century bounty hunter earning your living by hunting the abominable creatures of the swamp, but beware - the rival never rests!

- In the exciting PvEvP first person shooter Hunt: Showdown you hunt alone or in a small group, but be careful of other player-controlled bounty hunters! The group that makes it into the extraction zone with the bounty is the winner - the rest of the players will perish.

- Exciting shoot-outs, tracing and stealthy methods turn the game Hunt: Showdown into an unique experience. Thanks to Permadeath, every match is an adrenaline-charged thrill, because when a character dies, he is gone for good!

- Join a hunting party with your friends: Up to three players can roam the two different maps together, level up weapons and unlock additional equipment. The incredibly impressive CryEngine makes every game look realistic and terrifying.

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