Metro Exodus D1 [Epic] - PC

Metro Exodus D1 [Epic] - PC

After the first two metro adventures you can see a glimmer of hope at the horizon. Are there possibly other survivors? Get ready for the journey to the surface and find a new future, you've earned it, Artjom!
Metro Exodus is the direct sequel to the Metro series and once again sees you plunge into Russia's ravaged post-apocalypse.

- Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime: The modified steam locomotive Aurora is your safe haven and will guide you from Moscow through the whole dangerous wilderness of Russia.

- Fight secretly or with sheer force. Various groups are not well-disposed towards your troops, mutants and anomalies are attacking you and of course there is also the devastating radiation...

- The freedom to tackle things is entirely up to you: open worlds want to be crossed and decisions are being made, but beware, not everyone will survive this journey, so choose wisely.

- The Day One Edition for PC includes the main game Metro Exodus and an exclusive poster of the dangerous mutants of post-apocalyptic Russia.

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