Phoenix Point - PC

Phoenix Point - PC

Humanity is on the verge of extinction! 

After the world is mutated by a dangerous virus, you are humanity's last hope. The Phoenix Project is a secret organization that hosts the most capable scientists and soldiers who can drive out the dangerous and probably alien invaders.

Build out your stationary base and fight turn-based battles from the ISO perspective. Explore a destroyed planet and develop new technologies to save Earth. 

  • Phoenix Point - Behemoth Edition is a tactical strategy game by the creators of XCOM with a procedurally generated game world in which you command soldiers in battle and develop new measures to save Earth. 
  • Lead squads consisting of at least four soldiers with unique abilities and secure the front lines. Target weak points or weapons of your opponents in the innovative "free-aiming system" to neutralize threats effectively and ahead of time. 
  • Cooperate with different factions and use a sophisticated diplomacy system to unite the last remnants of humanity. Worldwide situations and conflicts must be strategically well evaluated to manage further operations on a global scale. 



  • Title: Phoenix Point
  • Genre: Tactical Strategy
  • Age restriction (PEGI): From 16 years
  • Platform: Microsoft PC
  • Publisher: Prime Matter
  • Studio: Snapshot Games
  • 1040228
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