Phoenix Point - PC

Phoenix Point - PC

Phoenix Point is a new, exciting adventure from the creators of X-COM. A mutating, alien danger threatens to destroy even the last remnants of humanity. The final hope is called the Phoenix Project, a secret organisation made up of the brightest minds and bravest soldiers. Turn the tables and drive out the alien invaders, the planet still belongs to the humans!

- Phoenix Point is a turn-based tactical strategy game in which you must save the planet from an alien threat. Experience a complex storyline of different endings that the player can only experience by playing through several times.

- Fight against the virus or fraternise with other cities or groups. The decision with whom, if at all, you get involved is entirely up to you.

- A new type of combat system awaits you: Phoenix Point offers a unique free targeting system that allows you to target the weak points of specific enemies.

- In addition to the main game, the definitive edition includes all three DLC packs ("Blood & Titanium", "Legacy of the Ancients" and the Living Weapons Pack) and a huge amount of updates, upgrades, fixes and other new content.

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