Shenmue III Day One Edition - PS4

Shenmue III Day One Edition - PS4

The magical world of Shenmue opens its gates once again! Dive into a breathtaking adventure and return to play the 18-year-old martial artist Ryo Hazuki, who wants to avenge his father's death no matter what the cost.

- Shenmue III is the third instalment in the epic action adventure series Shenmue, in which Ryo seeks to unravel the mystery of the Mirror of the Phoenix, a powerful artefact sought by his father's killer.

- Immerse yourself in the detailed recreation of bustling villages in the picturesque landscapes of China.

- Improve your fighting skills in small mountain villages or go all out with gambling in the bustling cities. Talk to the locals and take on part-time jobs while you're always on the trail of the Mirror of Phoenix.

- In addition to the main game, the Day One Edition includes the two expansions "Blazing Kick Advanced Technique Scroll" and the "Snake Spirit Starter Pack".

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