Figure "Doom Slayer"

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Have you really checked all corners?

If not, don't worry, because we've managed to bring some of the well-hidden in-game collectibles of the hardcore action hit DOOM Eternal into our dimension.
How did we manage to do that? Better not ask....!

This collectible figure features the playable and taciturn protagonist, the DOOM Slayer.

Grab the entire series, completely without backtracking!

Numskull's high-quality figures are detailed replicas of the toys found throughout the demonic areas of the DOOM Eternal chapter.
You have already completed the collection in DOOM Eternal? You have searched every spot, overcome every grave danger?
Then make sure you have them together in real life as well, because a true DOOM Slayer always wants more than just the "100%"!


  • Movable
  • Authentic replica


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Dimensions: 160 mm (6,3")
  • Officially licensed by Bethesda
  • Made by Numskull


Note: Collectible - this is not a toy!