Dying Light 2 Keychain "Last Hope"

  • Aiden's signature weapon "Last Hope" as a metal keychain
  • Modeled after the in-game item
  • Approx. 8cm
  • Manufactured by Gaya Entertainment

Improvisation is key to survival in the infected world of "Dying Light 2", and part of your improvisation skills should definitely be invested into making weapons from scraps.
We've taken Aiden's signature cleaver, Last Hope, and made it a bit smaller so it fits right in your pocket as a keychain. True to the source, the keychain has been modeled after the weapon's 3D model directly from the game.
The sturdy metal comes with lacquer applications, showing remains of the "Parking Only" sign that has been used to fashion Last Hope's blade.
The keychain is approx. 8 cm long and can be attached with a key ring.

  • 311135
  • Techland
* 6.99 EUR

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Currently out of stock but more is on the way! Please check back in a couple of days.

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