Mass Effect Legendary Edition - PS4

Mass Effect Legendary Edition - PS4

Mass Effect - What a legend! The complete saga shines in new splendor. Witness the epic story of the adventures of Commander Shepard and his loyal team. Explore the most distant galaxies and ensure interstellar peace, because not only humanity is facing the greatest threat ever. 

Relive the thrilling space opera and play the award-winning trilogy remastered with all the DLC and updates that have been released so far. If you haven't had a chance to play this space saga yet, now is probably the perfect time. All veterans can look forward to special and brand new promo weapons and armor in addition to the graphical and gameplay enhancements

● Mass Effect Legendary Edition is an action role-playing game collection from Bioware - the entire Shepard trilogy is a must-have for every science fiction fan and role-player and now comes in contemporary 4K Ultra-HD resolution

● Numerous improvements elevate gameplay to a whole new level - Not only have completely new graphics models and textures been added, but performance has also been improved in all installments, and even the user interface has been redesigned.

● Over 100 hours of gameplay await you - With the inclusion of all the DLC's released so far, there is a veritable space beast waiting for you to get it tamed. The storyline builds on each other and ends in an absolute highlight that no true video gamer should miss.

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