Replica "Nuka-World Welcome Kit"

You always wanted to visit Nuka-World? Unfortunately, we can't help you make this dream come true, but this Welcome Kit might bring you a little bit closer. The Nuka-Cola Vending Machine inspired case features an animated screen and a music box that plays the Nuka-World Theme Song. On top of that, you receive a theme park ticket, a guidebook, a detailed map, VIP lanyard and pass, a Bottle & Cappy pin badge, a Nuka-Cade token, 4 bottle caps, a Nuka-Cade prize ticket, an entry ticket for the Grandchester Mystery Museum, a Bottle & Cappy sticker, a Nuka-World coaster and a Cappy crazy straw! Manufactured by Dr Collector.

  • 1051628
  • Bethesda
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