Call Of Cthulhu - PS4

Call Of Cthulhu - PS4

Come to Darkwater Island and face your destiny, or rather face the destiny of planet Earth. A terrible story takes place in this sleepy coastal town of the 1940s, waiting for a skilled investigator to get to the root of the mysterious facts. You are private detective Pearce and you are at the bottom of your career. Can this mysterious assignment really make your career take off again? Find out! In this eerie adventure game, based on the stories of H.P. Lovecraft, cosmic horrors and earthly sins meet and offer a narrative and impressive adventure game with many different approaches.

• Do not lose your mind! Always take care of your mental health and do not investigate too much, because some truths are better left untouched.

• A classic 3D adventure game with relevant role playing elements, which originate directly from the Pen&Paper universe "Call of Cthulhu"

• Get on the trail of dramatic history! Many different areas off the sleepy coast of Darkwater Island invite you to explore. Solve puzzles, engage in dialogue and sneak past monsters and eldritch creatures, or are you just imagining them?

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