The Surge 2 - XONE

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After a plane crash over Jericho City, everything gets much worse. You wake up in a prison cell and notice that the whole city is going mad. There are cybernetically-optimised lunatics running around everywhere and a huge nano storm is looming over the city. Now it is about time to become a cyborg yourself.

- The captivating action role-playing game The Surge 2 is an absolute smash hit: perfect your fighting skills and use your resources wisely to defy even the most formidable bosses. Parry off in different directions and defend against deadly strikes, because you are not the only merciless killing machine.

- Separate body parts, weapons and armour from your enemies and use the technology you gain to become better and better. The hunt for your favourite weapons has begun!

- Improve yourself with all kinds of implants, abilities and drones. Use them in battle or in the cleverly connected world.