Vampyr - Switch

In the action-adventure Vampyre, Spanish flu keeps the streets and alleys of London in suspense. However, Pembroke Hospital can consider itself lucky to have found a new and capable physician in Dr Jonathan Reid. What nobody knows that Jonathan Reid himself has fallen victim to another, diabolical disease. He was bitten by a vampire and is, on the one hand searching for his creator, on the other hand trying to cure the suffering inhabitants of the city from all their ailments. Could the outbreak of the vampire epidemic be related to the incidents in London?

- Make many moral choices: Do you sacrifice yourself to your blood thirst to become stronger and more skilled, or do you remain abstinent and weak? Each decision will influence the further course of the game, so choose wisely!

- An extensive dialogue system lets you dive deep into the psyche of the remaining inhabitants. Are the characters up to something or do they really need help? Find out and act clever!

- An action-filled combat system is waiting to be mastered and a dynamic difficulty level lets you change your style of gameplay as you progress. The fate of each individual is entirely in your hands!
Comfortably playing is now finally possible everywhere, just on Nintendo Switch.

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