Hoodie "Hivebusters"

If there's Swarm, there will be an exterminator!

Join the Hivebusters, join the squad! The team, consisting of brave specialists, allows themselves to be deliberately captured and dragged deep into the Hive of the Swarm, only to finally nip the evil in the bud.

Get your work dress now!

This stylish zip-up hoodie is in the style of the martial Hivebusters, a chest emblem shows the sign of the death-defying Team Scorpio. An impressive print on the back once again testifies to brute force, the only language that these damned insects understand...

● Material: 100 % Cotton

● Color: Black

● Size: S-XXL

● Made by Gaya Entertainment


  • F1038888
  • Microsoft


29.99 €

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