Intellivision Amico - Galaxy Purple

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Your new friend from Intellivision is finally here, taking you to a whole new level of gaming.

Amico is a unique video game system that redefines multiplayer fun with family and friends. Intended to be a family-friendly system, Intellivision Amico comes with two novel touchpad controllers and six premium games.

Perfect for family, roomies, or the break room!

Not in the mood for board games or an evening watching movies? Plug in the Intellivision Amico and turn the living room into an amusement park because everyone gets to join in!
Whether it's with the family, at a student party, or in the break room at your work, casual games always work!

There's nothing to stop you from having fun right away, just unpack and start playing!
If friends or relatives want to play along, any smartphone can be converted into a controller with the corresponding app. Up to eight players can compete at the same time, puzzle, or enjoy nostalgic games.

Fun for young and old!

Intellivision Amico was designed for the entire family and therefore offers only family-friendly entertainment. The absence of inappropriate content ensures that truly everyone will have fun with the console.

The controls are easy to use and offer all sorts of features.
If the six pre-installed games aren't enough for you, you can purchase more additional games at budget prices.



- Console with two Bluetooth controllers including LCD touchscreen, microphone, speakers, interactive LED lights, force feedback, and RFID.

- Up to eight players can play simultaneously (thanks to smartphone connectivity).

- Pre-installed games: Skiing, Astrosmash, Cornhole, Farkle, Shark! Shark!, tbd

- 2 GB storage capacity (compact flash), 3 USB ports, and integrated wireless contact charging


- Size (package): 25 x 25 x 18 cm.

- Color: Galaxy Purple

- Age Rating: Not tested

- Language: English (Manual : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)