Dungeons 3 Complete Collection - XONE

Become a merciless dungeon master. Dungeons 3 Complete Collection is the all-in-one version of the latest chapter in the Dungeons series.
Create a subterranean realm of pain and gather armies of nasty monsters to do whatever you want.

- In the real-time strategy game Dungeons 3 Complete Edition, you build your own dungeon complete with numerous creatures, traps and other wickedness. Seize power over the upper world and show the brave heroes that they are only human!

- Be the personified, empowered evil and confront the young dark elf priestess Thalya and her forces. When the time comes, flood the realms of Good with an unstoppable army of terror.

- The Dungeons 3 Complete Collection includes plenty of variety, several free content updates and all seven expansion packs!

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