Tropico 6 - Switch

Tropico 6 - Switch

reate your own banana republic and decide the political fate of entire island groups. Will you become a feared dictator or a peaceful democrat? Guide your own empire through four temporal epochs and face the permanent challenges of government.

- Tropico 6 is a building strategy game in which politics and economics play a major role. Become a visionary and keep an eye on the interests of your people so as not to provoke revolutions.

- Send disguised agents to foreign countries and grab wonders of the world and monuments to build them up under your rule.

- Become a gifted politician and hone your election speech. Follow in big footsteps and make promises you can't possibly keep!

- For the first time in the Tropico series, you'll be playing on sprawling archipelagos! Rule over an entire archipelago and face the challenges that such a large government territory brings with it.

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