King's Bounty II King Collector's Edition - Switch

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The world of Nostria needs you! 

Once a truly fantastic empire has been corrupted. Conspiracies reach far into the royal court, sabotage and outrages are the daily routines. No one dares to speak words about the terrible necromancers who conduct their hideous experiments behind closed doors. The world has become gloomy and demands a saviour, can you restore the kingdom to its former glory?
You are the last hope of Nostria and you alone can bring peace and order to the hate-ridden realm.

King's Bounty II is the direct successor to the classic and has been long-awaited by all fans of turn-based tactics. The popular game experience offers a new epic story, all kinds of varied factions and some new features that bring you into an open and lively high-fantasy world.
Subdue the chaos in the dark alleys, enchanted woods or even in majestic palaces and castles. Command your own army and lead your units, in turn-based combat, along with their individual strengths and weaknesses.
In this non-linear adventure, you decide how you will proceed. Will you choose your sword, your wits or powerful magic? Not infrequently, you will be faced with a difficult choice that will decide the life and death of your enemies and comrades.
The intensity of this strategy role-playing game is beyond compare, King's Bounty II is therefore the perfect successor to an iconic game of the early 90s.


  • The turn-based strategy role-playing game King's Bounty II for the Xbox One puts you on an adventure in which you build, lead and enhance your own troops. Play as one of three main heroes and choose your faction wisely, as the respective advantages and disadvantages must always be carefully considered. 
  • Explore an open world full of secrets, dangers and treasures. Your personal choices have a direct impact on the game and your story. Switch from the world map directly into the turn-based battles, the battlefield is always exactly right on the spot of your army 
  • Equip your troops with special skills, weapons and other items. Gain experience and get the last spark of power out of them. Acquire new and more powerful fighters from time to time to stay one step ahead of your enemies. 
  • The turn-based battles require tactical understanding and clever use of the various abilities of your troops. Keep an eye on the terrain, because each battlefield offers special conditions that can be useful in battle or limit you and your opponents. 


Collector's Edition contains:

Bonus DLC:

  • Elite Guard Premium Pack
  • Fire Eagle (unit)
  • Princess' Armored Shield
  • "Dogs of War" War Horse
  • Flame Golems (unit)
  • Stick of Deception
  • Ice Hammer, Staff of Harmony
  • Tyrant's Sword, Armor of the Corrupted (armor set)
  • Heroes & Villains Premium Pack
  • King's Watchdogs (unit

Physical Extras:

  • King's Crown collectible
  • double-sided poster with artwork and map
  • soundtrack with a selection of the finest in-game music
  • and hardcover artbook



  • Title: King's Bounty II Collector's Edition
  • Genre: Strategy role-playing game
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 16 years old
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Prime Matter
  • Studio: 1C Publishing EU