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The future is getting bleak!

The situation is terrible in the year 2084, worse than we could have ever expected. The Nanophage, a sort of digital plague, cost many victims. As a result, augmentation of the body and mind became a dangerous endeavor.
After a devastating war decimated most of the human race, megacorporations seized power and created their own corrupt empires.
Take on the role of an Observer, a tool of corporate oppression.
Thanks to your infamous hacking skills, unmask the darkest secrets of your suspects by hacking into their minds and memory units. Explore dreams and uncover fears to lay the foundation for a perfect investigation.


  • In the science fiction adventure game Observer: System Redux you'll get to the bottom of a deep conspiracy. Investigate as an Observer, a kind of techno-detective, and delve deep into the minds of your suspects, while your own mind is already on the edge. 
  • A dark cyberpunk story in the year 2084 awaits you. The playable protagonist is voiced by the late Bladerunner icon Rutger Hauer. 
  • Use various tools such as the "Dream Eater", which allows you to enter the minds of the dead and dying in order to relive the victim's last moments. 
  • The city is a cyber juggernaut, which has been severely battered not only by war and the cyber plague. Drugs, crime and blurring borders of virtual realities are visibly affecting the rest of the population. 

System Redux:

  • In the System Redux version, you will experience three new side cases, which will take you even deeper into the dystopian world. The missions "Stray Signal", "Her Fearful Symmetry" and "It Runs in the Family" are brand new and offer even more depth to the already impressive story. 
  • Enjoy expanded gameplay in the revamped version of Observer, including new game mechanics, new secrets, new stealth mechanics, additional neural interrogation tactics, and quality-of-life improvements developed with the help of the Observer community. 
  • Experience the dystopia in stunning 4K resolution and improved textures, new animations, models and effects. Stunning ray-tracing technology and HDR lighting make the entire game feel even more realistic and oppressive.

Day One Edition:

  • Includes a softcover artbook with approx. 52 pages and the official soundtrack on CD.


  • Title: Observer: System Redux
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Age rating (PEGI): 16
  • Platform: Microsoft Xbox Series X
  • Publisher: Bloober Team, Aspyr Media, Koch Media
  • Studio: Bloober Team, Anshar Studios