Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate - XONE

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The ultimate crossover line-up! Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate brings together popular characters from Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and the Gods of Ancient History to take down swarms of enemies.

- In the third-person hack'n'slay game Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, 177 playable characters await you, each with unique abilities and strengths and weaknesses.

- A host of new game modes await you, including the multi-layered maps of Infinity Mode and stunning new abilities. Recover sacred treasures and experience the ultimate adventure for every Omega Force fan.

- A host of new characters assemble on the battlefields. Joan of Arc, the French heroine Saviour of Orleans, praised for her strong sense of justice and spirit, and the Earth Mother, Gaia, who created numerous lands at the dawn of time and is now doing all she can to unite our heroes.