Crystar (Switch)

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Overcome with grief and despair, Rei is approached by demons who offer her a sinister contract: she will serve as their executioner in exchange for the ability to revive her sister. Rei teams up with a group of Executioners including Kokoro, Sen, and Nanana, each with unique abilities. Together they explore what lies behind the shattered souls in purgatory. Ultimately, Rei must wrestle with the demons around and within herself as she desperately searches for a way to save her sister and return home with her.

Crystar takes place in a dark world, inhabited by lost souls and tears grant certain powers. A cast of unique characters is available whose strength can be used to challenge insane hordes of Specters and Revenants. In battle, the tears must be replenished so that powerful guardians can be summoned with them. When the agony of defeated enemies leads to despair, tears and grief can lead to catharsis - from grief new strength can be drawn, improving attack and armor.

With four playable characters, Crystar allows each character to be built and developed in a unique way.

The main playable characters are:
- Rei, the game's protagonist who longs to revive her sister who killed her.
- Kokoro, a woman driven by revenge for the loss of the husband and child she loves most.
- Sen, a young girl who fights in purgatory for the justice she believes in.
- Nanana, a humanoid avenger possessed by Rei and shrouded in secrets.
Each character, playable or not, contributes to the enigmatic narrative of Crystar.

- Rei Resurrected: Experience Crystar for the first time on the Nintendo Switch, complete with all previously released content.
- Purgatory Awaits: Switch between the real world and the realm of lost souls as you search for a way to revive your fallen sister. Meet the demonic denizens of purgatory and harness their powers to battle corrupted hordes of spirits and avengers.
- From Tears to Triumph: Eliminate enemies to gather agony, purify them to gather feelings for battle, and fill the Tears meter in battle to summon powerful Guardians and your full potential.