Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers - Time Capsule Edition - Switch

Time for adventure!
Celebrate the new millennium in the wizened town of Clocknee and witness a timeless journey into the past to avert disaster. The young girl Sherry, her friend Pegreo and the funny time-travelling robot Isaac set out to find an explanation for the mysterious events that could account for the decay of time.

- Cute adventure role-playing game with time travel charm. Fend off the complete decay of time and a massive robot army to bring peace to the peaceful town of Clocknee.

- By manipulating the past, you change the future: the town of Clocknee transforms depending on how you behave in certain game situations.

- Use your numerous mechanical abilities to fight off enemy machines or manipulate your environment. With upgrades, you can improve all your equipment at different workshops.

- Time Capsule Edition includes the main game and a cute "Farewell '99" poster.
A "Farewell '99" poster and collectible coins.

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