Fallen Legion Revenants Vanguard Edition - Switch

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Welcome to an incredibly magical world. After a miasma has embraced all living things in a fatal haze, a flying castle is humanity's last refuge.

Sealed off from the dangerously mutated world, the Welkin Castle is the last bastion to make a stand against the devastation. Play as Lucien, a charismatic politician hidden behind the castle's massive walls, and discover an ancient book and precious knowledge. Embark on a perilous journey to restore order to the world and advance into unimaginable adventures together with the revenant Rowena.

- In the action role-playing game Fallen Legion Revenants, you are not only the forger of your own fate. Make moral decisions and influence the events of the world.

- Play as Rowena and witness her inhuman reflexes. Command an entire squad of legendary Exemplars and become mistress of the battlefields.

- Craft potions and other useful items as Lucien and sneak unseen through the castle to expose dark machinations.

- Vanguard Edition also includes Lucien's Lost Ledger (mini artbook), Songs for a Fallen World (digital soundtrack) and an art cover.