Little Town Hero Big Idea Edition - Switch

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An exciting life of adventure awaits you in Little Town Hero!

Take on the role of Axe, a boy from a small village in the middle of nowhere. He has long dreamed of travelling the world, but he, like all the other inhabitants, is bound to his hometown and is not allowed to cross the city limits. One day, when his village is attacked by a giant monster, Axe finds out that it can be fought with the help of a mysterious stone. He can use it to bring his imagination to life and turn it into powerful attacks, making him the village's last hope. During his rescue attempt, he finds out that there are many more stones to discover - but also other monsters.

  • The Little Town Hero role-playing game, complete with a turn-based combat system, comes completely without an annoying grind factor and offers you a pleasant gameplay experience.
  • A wonderfully told and whimsical story awaits you. It tells a touching tale in which everyone can become a hero.
  • Befriend the villagers and find out more about the enchanted world where magic and combat are based on your own ideas and vivid fantasies.
  • Enjoy Game Freak's friendly art style and experience the harmonious village life away from the tricky battles. Listen to the beautiful soundtrack by Toby Fox (UNDERTALE).

The Big Idea Edition contains:

  • The main game
  • The "Life in a Village" Art Book
  • A beautiful "Izzit? Dazzit?" Poster
  • The "Defender Duo" Lapel Pin Set
  • The "Town Tunes" Soundtrack
  • A collector's box



  • Title: Little Town Hero Big Idea Edition
  • Genre: Role Playing Game
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 7 years old
  • Languages: English
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Game Freak
  • Studio: Game Freak