MONARK - Deluxe Edition - PS5

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Hello madness...

Can you save your friends and face everyday threats? Will you manage to save yourself? A deadly mysterious fog surrounds Mikado Academy. You must protect your friends by entering the Otherworld, a dimension apart from reality. Demons and dark beings populate this gloomy dimension, but with the authority of Vanity, you have the possibility to summon Fiends, which are nourished by the Master's ego. Complete various psychological tests and increase your ego, because only then your Fiends will become stronger. Lead your troops into battle and ensure the well-being of your fellow students. The academy can still be saved because all the teachers and fellow students you meet on your journey will help you in your mission.


  • MONARK is a creative role-playing game in a surreal anime world. Immerse yourself in the madness and protect your academy by exploring the Otherworld and bringing demonic reinforcements. 
  • Call on allies for help and train your Fiends, a battalion of small devilish servants and dwellers of the Otherworld. 
  • Switch between both worlds as needed and experience a wicked dark neo-fantasy style adventure. 
  • Push your ego to change the appearance and combat abilities of your Fiends. 
  • On your journey, you'll unlock more and more of these servants, which you can send into battle. Thanks to the sophisticated tactics system, you can freely position your units on the battlefield. 
  • Each copy of MONARK includes a digital download code for the game's soundtrack, a reversible cover and a softcover art booklet with character backgrounds and key art! 

Deluxe Edition: 

  • Contains the game, softcover art booklet, a reversible cover and a download code for the official soundtrack.


  • Title: MONARK - Deluxe Edition
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Age rating (USK): 12 years and up
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 5
  • Publisher: NIS America, Inc
  • Studio: FURYU Corporation