Poison Control - PS4

Poison Control - PS4

After a mysterious incident, the spirits of humans are trapped in the poisonous manifestations of their own despair. Only Poisonette and her chaotic soulwalker can put a stop to this destiny and are looking for a way out to free the fallen souls. However, the vicious Poison Maidens want to prevent this, so get ready for a dangerous journey into the poisonous world.

- Brightly coloured Japanese shooter with lots of charm and wit. The style is gritty yet charming! Explore vibrant levels witness dynamic, unique gameplay effects that make this game a visual highlight.

- Two different playable characters await you: Switch between the venom-swallowing Poisonette and her armed-to-the-teeth Soulmate and combine their combat powers to fight the dangerous creatures of the poisonous swamps.

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