R-Type Final 2 - Inaugural Flight Edition - PS4

R-Type Final 2 - Inaugural Flight Edition - PS4

R-Type is back! The legendary side-scrolling adventure is back, bringing the series to the current generation of consoles. Admire 3D graphics and modern gameplay features without neglecting the classic R-Type elements. With performance-based difficulty levels, customisable ships and pilots, and "Force" mechanics, you'll move back into the badass world of space shoot'em ups!

- R-Type Final 2 is the sequel to the popular sidescroll shoot'em up series. Traverse an entire universe full of deadly dangers and clear away everything that gets in front of your laser.

- Create your own game experience: personalise every element of your spaceship, from the paint job to the weapon types and stickers. Of course, you can also use the ships from the previous games!

- In addition to the main game for Playstation 4, the Inaugural Flight Edition includes the official soundtrack and a collector's box.

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