The Caligula Effect 2 - Switch

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Escape the paradise!

Redo, a virtual world without problems and worries. Created by the Virtuadoll Regret, Redo is a simulation that unwittingly imprisons humanity to save them from their deplorable past. The facade of this self-proclaimed paradise gradually begins to crumble when a virtual idol named X invades the simulation and restores memories of the real world - at least in one student. Take on the role of this student and once again summon the Go-Home Club, a resistance group with the goal of leaving this crazy simulation once and for all.

  • Is a turn-based tactical role-playing game with hints of a visual novel. 
  • Found the Go-Home Club and search for new aspirants and members to stop Regret's wicked machinations. 
  • Remember your past - Meet new faces of the Go-Home Club and recruit even more students. 
  • Use the Imaginary Chain and anticipate your opponent's next moves. With brains and a perfect strategy, you will always be one step ahead of Regret. 
  • You can expect an exciting and beautifully written story from masterful persona writers Tadashi Satomi and Takuya Yamanaka. 
  • With a soundtrack inspired by Vocaloids, the journey through Redo will be an incomparable feast for the senses.



  • Title: The Caligula Effect 2
  • Genre: Roleplay game
  • Age restriction (PEGI): From 12 years
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch 
  • Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software
  • Studio: historia Inc