Backpack "Junkrat"

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! The crazed Junkrat spreads ultimate panic in every match of Overwatch because the ultimate ability is the dangerous RIP-Tire, which scatters all enemies like a bunch of startled chickens. 

Are you a fan of the vicious Australian, the dastardly Ultimate, or are you suffering from traumatic stress disorder from the tire and need some confrontation therapy? With this stylish backpack, hopefully, you won't go as bonkers as Junkrat, but carry the dreaded RIP-Tire with you at all times. 

There's room for all your belongings in the backpack, with one large compartment and four small compartments for pens and small items offering an amazing amount of space - and with such a wacky design!



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  • Blizzard Entertainment
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