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Crusader Kings III - PC

Crusader Kings III - PC

Establish a powerful dynasty, so that it will last forever! Crusader Kings III is a mix of role-playing and real-time strategy game and offers you an incomparable journey through the medieval times. You are in control of a royal family and need to make sure that your empire will survive, maybe even expand further.

- An exciting mix of RPG and RTS game, paired with a pinch of simulation. Guide your kingdom through a centuries-long journey and make sure that new blood takes over the throne every time.

- Do as you please: Your decisions will influence your personal history on the one hand, and your entire political and economic environment on the other. Are you a benevolent ruler and want to be loved, or do you prefer to spread fear and terror?

- Part three of the Crusader Kings series stands out from its predecessors because of its catchy tutorials, which explain everything in detail. However, a deep game like Crusader Kings III requires this as well.

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