Surviving the Aftermath Day One Edition - PC

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Survival of the smartest!

Protect your home, by any and all means. After a horrific catastrophe, your colony is all you have left. Explore a massive, randomly generated world and discover wild creatures, deposits of rare and essential resources, and confront rival settlements. Each environment brings with it new conditions that will make survival harder for you and your colony.

  • Surviving the Aftermath is a building game in a procedurally generated environment.
    Explore a huge world consisting of six different biomes. 
  • Make hard moral decisions, but you can't control everything. React to events and thereby shape the fate of your entire colony. Every decision affects your reputation, which has a significant impact on your trading skills or diplomatic relations. 
  • Construct more than 61 different buildings and recruit over 80 unique specialists who will assist you with various talents and motivations. 
  • Send them to the barren lands off your colony to conduct scientific research, raid settlements or expel bandits. 
  • Defend your colony and defend your inhabitants from ferocious animals and lethal bandits. Take control of one of your specialists and secure the gates of your bastion. 
  • Thanks to Steam Workshop you have mod support and can customize Surviving the Aftermath at will.


  • Title: Surviving the Aftermath
  • Genre: Construction game
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 7 years
  • Platform: Microsoft PC
  • Publisher: Paradox Entertainment
  • Studio: Iceflake Studios