Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition - XONE

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Humanity is on the verge of extinction! 

After the world is mutated by a dangerous virus, you are humanity's last hope. The Phoenix Project is a secret organization that hosts the most capable scientists and soldiers who can drive out the dangerous and probably alien invaders.

Build out your stationary base and fight turn-based battles from the ISO perspective. Explore a destroyed planet and develop new technologies to save Earth. 

  • Phoenix Point - Behemoth Edition is a tactical strategy game by the creators of XCOM with a procedurally generated game world in which you command soldiers in battle and develop new measures to save Earth. 
  • Lead squads consisting of at least four soldiers with unique abilities and secure the front lines. Target weak points or weapons of your opponents in the innovative "free-aiming system" to neutralize threats effectively and ahead of time. 
  • Cooperate with different factions and use a sophisticated diplomacy system to unite the last remnants of humanity. Worldwide situations and conflicts must be strategically well evaluated to manage further operations on a global scale. 
  • Phoenix Point is optimized for consoles and offers you convenient gamepad controls and clear user interfaces.


Behemoth Edition:

  • The Behemoth Edition includes the full game and all four major DLCs ("Blood and Titanium," "Legacy of the Ancients," "Festering Skies" and "Corrupted Horizons") with additional missions, maps and other extra features, the DLC weapons pack and a number of useful updates and upgrades to make your gameplay more enjoyable. 
  • Next-Gen: To experience Phoenix Point with smooth 60 FPS at a 4K resolution, you can upgrade the game to Xbox Series X for free.



  • Title: Phoenix Point – Behemoth Edition
  • Genre: Tactical Strategy
  • Age restriction (PEGI): From 16 years
  • Platform: Microsoft Xbox One
  • Publisher: Prime Matter
  • Studio: Snapshot Games