Wasteland 3 Day One Edition - PS4

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Enter the Wasteland. In Wasteland 3, you control a squad of Desert Rangers - law enforcers in a post-nuclear world trying to rebuild society from the scratch. More than 100 years after the bombs dropped, you fight a merciless battle to save your beloved Arizona. Out of nowhere, the self-proclaimed patriarch of Colorado comes forward and offers you help if you complete a mission for him. Choose wisely in this top-down role-playing game and lead humanity into the light once more.

- Wasteland 3 is a role-playing game with an extensive dialogue system and turn-based combat. Create and mould your own survivors of the apocalypse and learn more and more skills to survive in the dark and black-humoured world of tomorrow.

- Survive radiation, bitter frost and make tough moral decisions that will determine the course of history and the evolution of the world.

- Assemble your perfect squad of up to six Rangers and customise them with different abilities to suit your play style. Control a powerful combat truck that you can transform into a well-armed war machine to take apart entire groups of enemies.

- In addition to the main game, the Day One Edition includes the "Colorado Survival Pack" DLC, which includes the Ranger General's hat and goggles, a polished Ranger badge and Snow Camo weapons.