Goat Simulator: The Goaty - Switch

Goat Simulator: The Goaty - Switch

With Goat Simulator: The Goaty, the number 1 goat simulation comes back. Never again will you have to imagine being a goat - finally, even on the road, your dreams will come true.
Goat Simulator is like a classic fun sports game - only instead of playing a skater, for example, you play a goat. Instead of pulling off trick combos, the aim here is to wreak as much havoc as possible. Stylish orgies of destruction are rewarded with a particularly high number of points.

- Fun Goat Simulator Collection: The following games are included: Goat Simulator, Goat MMO Simulator, Goat Simulator: GoatZ, Goat Simulator: Payday, Goat Simulator: Waste of Space.

- Attention, there are some bugs! The developers (intentionally) only work on the fatal bugs that cause the game to crash. Everything else is hilarious and stays in the game.

- Collect score points for destroying everything that comes in front of your horns and prove to your friends that you are the alpha goat.

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