Redeemer: Enhanced Edition - PC

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition - PC

Crushing action awaits you in Redeemer, the intense top-down action game. Play as Vasily, the elite agent who used to work for the largest weapons manufacturer in the world. After a brutal past in the security team, the company decided to turn you into one of their cyborg soldiers. You managed to escape to a remote monastery and prepare for your brutal vendetta....

- In the top-down action game Redeemer, you make your way through numerous enemies using your fists, firearms, melee weapons or objects in your immediate vicinity.

- Use a unique kill system to kill your enemies in three different ways. Sneak, use your surroundings or fight your way through the numerous levels with pure weapon power. Use unique combat techniques to either disarm enemies or sever certain body parts to use as melee weapons.

- Play the story mode where you uncover Vasily's terrible past, or show off your skills in the arena mode and take down countless opponents.

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