The A500 Mini (INT)

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  • TheA500 Mini
  • 2-button mouse (1.8 m cable length)
  • 8-button USB gamepad (1.8 m cable length)
  • USB-C power cable (1.8 m cable length)


The golden age of video game history - Right in the comfort of your living room!

In the late 80s, the Commodore Amiga 500 made its way into the everyday lives of video game pioneers. With a 16-bit processor (32-bit internal) and 512 KB RAM, the home console provided absolute top graphics.

With theA500 Mini we revive the original and offer you a faithful emulation of the classic Amiga 500 and its successor A1200.
With 25 pre-installed Amiga games, every fan of retro gaming will enjoy playing.
Games like "Simon the Sorcerer" or other classics can be started and changed via a convenient menu - a comfort feature we would have wished for back then.
Load your own games via USB stick and play your favorite games, no matter if they can't be found as cartridges anymore. With full WHD support and customizable emulation, even tough classics can be played individually and saved at any time. Maybe now you''ll beat your personal highscore!

The A500 Mini comes with both a 2-button mouse, which is modeled after the original down to the smallest detail, and a newly designed 8-button gamepad, which allows you to control your favorite games with pinpoint precision.



  • Complete Amiga 500, 600 & 1200 emulation (OCS/ECS/AGA)
  • Smooth display in 50/60Hz and 720p via HDMI
  • With three USB ports, one HDMI output and USC-C input, peripherals can be connected quickly and easily
  • WHDLoad compatible (WHD format software must be legally purchased)


Note: To use this console, the following devices are required (not included): TV set or monitor with HDMI port, powered USB-A port (e.g. on TV) or USB power supply with 5V