88 Heroes - Switch

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In 88 minutes the world as we knew it will be nothing but a pile of ashes. Now we need true heroes, the best of their profession. Too bad that they don't seem to have time right now and that we are dependent on the moronic 88 Heroes. Prepare yourself for an insane adventure where nothing is as easy as it could be.

• Hilarious jump'n'run action: Each of the rock-bottom heroes has its own advantages and disadvantages... well, actually rather disadvantages. So master the levels with new challenges all the time. The order of all 88 available heroes changes after each run, which guarantees replay value.

• Tricky and merciless. Permadeath makes sure that each hero has exactly one life, if he dies, you have to take the other one. Hopefully the next can at least jump... When all 88 heroes have bitten the dust, you have exactly one more try.

• The clock is ticking! In 88 minutes, the nuclear super-weapons of the terrible Dr. H8 will destroy all of humanity. You only have 88 seconds per level to prevent this, so don't waste time and get going!