Harvest Moon Light of Hope Complete Special Edition - PS4

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Off to a new life, it's time for a fresh start. On the way to happiness, however, you are extremely unlucky and your ship gets into a monsoon and sinks. Washed up on a small coast, your new life now begins, possibly differently than previously intended. Explore the deserted island and the small town, get to know all the remaining inhabitants and build your own little realm. Save the lighthouse and make the island an inhabited place again.

- Build-up farm simulation on an island: take care of the safety of the inhabitants, respond to their wishes and rebuild the beloved lighthouse.

- Play as a boy or girl, get married and start a family. Here your dream comes true.

- Experience new and unique festivals, including the DoC Racing Festival.

- Complete Special Edition Extras: All previously released expansions in one package, co-op mode, additional marriageable character, more story content and special episodes.