Humankind Day One Edition - PC

Humankind Day One Edition - PC

Discover Humankind Day One Edition, a turn-based historical strategy game where you rewrite human history from the ground up. Combine religion, culture, history and social values to create your own civilisation from 60 historical cultures from ancient times to the present.
Start in ancient Egypt and progress to the Romans, the Khmer or perhaps the Vikings. Each culture plays differently and offers endless possibilities to craft an individual game experience.

- Strategy game of city building, development, war and diplomacy. Build your own civilisation and lead it into modern times.

- Historical events meet far-reaching moral decisions. Discover breathtaking natural wonders or build world monuments so that you can erect an eternal memorial to your empire. Every element of the game is historically authentic, but can be combined with other nations and cultures.

- Always be on the move, be it through trade, diplomacy or war. Call in reinforcements when needed to turn an epic battle into a world war with changing terrain!

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