Total War: Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates Edition - PC

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Plan the conquest of the known world in an extensive turn-based campaign. Create huge armies and experience battles first-hand on the battlefield. Will you fall victim to treachery and intrigue, or will once feared rivals turn out to be new allies? Will you fight for a democratic republic or an autocratic dictatorship. Which nation will be conquered next? Rome 2 lets you rewrite the history of the ancient world.

- Total War: Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates is a mix of turn-based campaign warfare and real-time strategy battles.

- Use conspiracies, shape your own politics, beware of intrigues or revolts and weigh how much loyalty and honour is worth in a global campaign. Your choices determine your own history.

- The Enemy at the Gates Edition includes the main game in the Emperor Edition, as well as the expansions Hannibal at the Gates and Empire Divided.

- The Emperor Edition brings you an improved political system, improved building chains, rebalanced battles and improved graphics for the campaign and battles. Also included are all features and bug fixes since the release of the main game in 2013, improved balancing, integration and touchscreen and Mac compatibility. In addition, you get the campaign pack "Imperator Augustus", in which the aftermath of Caesar's downfall is the main focus.