Total War: Warhammer - Savage Edition - PC

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It's getting magical in the world of Total War!

The brute fantasy world of Warhammer meets the masterful strategy series for tacticians and conquerors. Explore enchanted forests full of magic, hostile deserts and snow-capped mountains. Siege fortresses and cities and fight in underground caves. Use impressive and deadly magic that can split the sky and engulf the battlefield. For the first time in Total War, you'll even control flying creatures, adding a whole new dimension of strategic depth to the game.

  • Total War: Warhammer is a mix of turn-based campaign planning and real-time strategy gameplay. Expand your empire and subjugate your enemies while taking direct control of your armies in gigantic mass battles.
  • Conquer the Old World as empires, orcs & goblins, vampire lords, dwarves and now as sinister chaos warriors or savage beastmen.
  • The Savage Edition includes all previously released free DLCs as well as patches and the two expansions "Chaos Warriors" and "Call of the Beastmen".



  • Title: Total War: Warhammer - Savage Edition
  • Genre: Strategy Game
  • Age rating (PEGI): From 16 years old
  • Platform: Microsoft PC
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Studio: Creative Assembly