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The cubical world of dinosaurs!
With PixArk, you'll discover a mysterious world full of dangers, secrets and primordial reptiles. Collect enough materials and equip yourself or your tribe, because you need more useful items to tame the wild beasts and to build mighty bases. This is the only way to make a name for yourself in PixArk and survive in the block dinosaur world.

- Survival building game with an endless amount of tasks and possibilities. Build bases, craft high-tech tools and become master of the dinosaurs by letting wild and cuddly dinos follow your command.

- Take on procedurally generated quests in a procedurally generated world with a voxel block building system and let your creativity run wild. You really can build anything here!

- Over 100 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures want to be tamed, trained and mounted by you (more or less voluntarily). Play either alone or in fun multiplayer mode with friends or players from all over the world.