Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Twin Pack - Switch

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Experience the most popular classics of the Final Fantasy series remastered in a double pack. Play on the Nintendo Switch wherever and whenever you want.

- Final Fantasy VII
The Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy VII is the absolute classic and comes with a range of helpful additional features. Free the world from the diabolical ShinRa Electric Power corporation and fight back as Cloud Strife in the Mealopolis of Midgar.

- The following additional features are included:
3x turbo mode
Ability to take out random encounters
Combat enhancement mode

- Final Fantasy VIII
This Japano role-playing game is also re-released with some helpful additional featuers. In a time of war, the Republic of Galbadia mobilises powerful armies under the influence of the witch Edea.
Play as Squall and join the resistance to destroy the tyranny of Galbadia once and for all.

- The following additional features are included:
Battle aid options (boost LP and ATB gauge or special techniques).
3 x speed boost
No random encounters