Final Fantasy VII HD Remake - PS4

Final Fantasy VII HD Remake - PS4

Final Fantasy VII is by far the most popular chapter of the Final Fantasy saga. Experience the first exciting adventure of the popular role-playing game in a completely new version and meet old friends and locations in new splendour. In the role of Cloud Strife, a young member of the resistance, you fight against the malicious schemes of the Shinra Electric Power Company.
- The groundbreaking JRPG Final Fantasy VII is a complete remake, not just a remaster. Throw yourself into a completely reworked battle system and a story re-created from the scratch.
- Experience the thrilling and touching story for the first time completely dubbed and in best looking 3D graphics. Long known characters with unique storylines are pulling you even deeper into the lore of Final Fantasy.
- The beginning of an epic tale that has no equal. Together with your team, you will confront an almost invincible power with brute strength and magic, at any cost!
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