FINAL FANTASY XIV: Heavensward Wayward Hatchling Plushie - Choco Choco.(IT)

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The cutest chick of the latest Chocobo hatch!

The adorable giant birds are popular and sought after throughout Hydaelyn.
Every adventurer longs for the fast and graceful Chocobos, because on the back of these birds no distance is simply too far. In addition, the tame and cuddly Chocobos provide company, even in the most remote plains of the world you can rely on these yellow giants!
With this cuddly plush figure you get the cute Chocobo chick for your bedroom or living room. However, the plush version likes cuddles just as much as the adult birds of the Final Fantasy series.

But that's not all!

Show your love and affection in real life as well as in Hydaelyn.
Get even more bling for your estate in the world of Final Fantasy XIV with an in-game Hatchling Lamp. The glowing figurine of the little chick can be placed on a table or the floor and will only make your cozy home even more comfortable.


  • The Hatchling Lamp is a home decoration item and cannot be traded on the market.
  • The Hatchling Lamp can be lost once a player removes the lamp from your home or if the owner leaves free company. If access to the player's estate is no longer possible or if the house has been demolished, this interior item will also be lost.


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