Life is Strange 2 - PS4

Life is Strange 2 - PS4

The thrilling adventure continues in its next chapter!
Experience a completely new story in the award-winning coming-of-age series with Life is Strange 2. After a tragic accident, brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz escape from home in fear of the police. Join the two teenagers on a long and dangerous journey through the USA and reach Puerto Lobos, their father's home.

- Exciting adventure game with an impressive story. Play as teenager Sean, take care of your little brother Daniel and face both growing up and Daniel's new supernatural power.

- Make a series of moral and instinctive decisions that not only influence the fate of the two brothers, but also shape the various encounters on the dangerous trip into an individual experience.

- Experience the exciting story in a total of five episodes and also receive the bonus game "The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Spirit" and digital cosmetic items for your main character.

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